Enjoy the Thai Cuisine

Food is important for our guest athletes and our daily diet has been designed specifically for their intake needs of calories.
Based on the local Thai cuisine and occasionally alternated with the world-famous mediterranean style, you will enjoy the full taste of healthy foods without compromise.

Our kitchen prepares fresh food daily in pure Thai style food, but with a special menu studied for athletes, without salt, sugar or MSG, which are widely used in Thai cuisine. You probably know already about salt and sugar not being good for athletes – at least not in the excessive doses used by Thais, Let’s see what MSG is: MSG (Pong choo Rot), is Monosodium Glutamate. Although it can be found in healthy foods like parmesan cheese, once again it is the excessive quantity that makes it an enemy of the fighter’s diet.

Now, whether you go to Thailand for vacation or Muay Thai, we strongly recommend you pay attention at these ingredients when eating out. It’s a good habit to develop for your own well-being, because, as we know, we are what we eat and a healthy nutrition is paramount. Part of the program includes also some Italian food (mainly pasta) as the mediterranean-style diet is world-famous for its equilibrium and balance.