Laem Mae Phim beach

Laem Mae Phim is a long beach broken into parts by headlands and coves, featuring casual beach restaurants with shade and chairs on the sand. On the other side of the town there is also a very nice short beach easily overlooked which has the excellent AokHai seafood beach restaurant and the Drift bar – both well worth a visit.

Laem Mae Phim is actually a 5 km stretch of sand, backed by Casuarina Pines, while the beach slopes gently into the Gulf of Thailand, making is safe swimming for kids (under supervision, of course). It looks out to several small islands, most of which are uninhabited. The Beach is not crowded and the water is quite clear and warm, and you can easily find banana boats, sea scooters and tubes for the kids to play with.

At the eastern end of the beach are a long row of seafood restaurants built overlooking the beach featuring a wide selection of fish, shell and seafood, much of it still alive, swimming in salt water tanks at the entrance to the restaurants. The western end of the beach is restaurant free, and is a favourite spot for Thai families to enjoy a picnic under shade of the Casuarina Pines.

The beach is usually quiet and pefect to relax for a week and recharge your batteries. However, it can get a little busier on weekends with Thais from Rayong and Bangkok.