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You want to be a fighter and you are afraid of asking a question? Come on, send us an email ! We know we could not possibly answer all your doubts in a single website. 🙂

Booking at 7MT Camp is as easy as dropping us an email. Just write down when you think to come (arrival and departure dates, if you know them already) or your tentative duration of stay (one week, for example) and what type of accommodation you'd like (single/double room, twin/queen -size bed.)
If you want, you may add your level - however, don't worry if you're not sure where you fit: before you start our Thai Masters will assess you anyway to make sure your training is tailor-made on your skills. Add all other questions and doubts you may have. We'll be glad to answer them all !

All fields are required - and, please, double-check your email address or we won't be able to reply...