Holiday Resort

Traveling with the family?
The 7MT Camp Holiday resort is not just a place to learn the art of Muay Thai. For your family members who would like to relax, they can enjoy the beautiful beach just outside the resort or have fun in our swimming pool.

We have a nice swimming pool where you can relax in between training sessions and spend some time with your family if they decide to stay at the camp to kick back. For their activities we are happy to suggest beaches (check out some suggestions here) where they can spend the whole day, or trips in the surrounding areas: from villages to temples there is really a lot of things to see that can be easily reached from our site.¬†There’s really a lot to see and do in your spare time – or, you ca allow for some extra days and stay a little longer. We have a list of suggestions in our Activities & Leisure section. Check out the menu at the top of the page or¬†Click here and have a look !

One important thing you have to consider is that we are located on Mainland Thailand – not on an island as many other camps. First of all, we can be reached by car (or taxi) from the airport in Bangkok when you arrive, sparing you of an additional domestic flight. Additionally, you can visit the coast and the capital and the rest of Thailand without having to fly or take a boat every time you want to go somewhere. Yet, most beautiful islands are a short trip away, hence you are not going to miss them anyway!

Our village is a family place built for Muay Thai enthusiasts where you’ll have the chance to meet people from all over the world sharing your passion and having a good time. One more thing: don’t be afraid to bring your spouse and kids. The camp is a very family-friendly environment and we can assure you that many family members who have been here together with a fighter have asked to try Muay Thai and jumped into the ring for a fun training session!